Friday, June 13, 2008


In the summer we get half days on Fridays. Which means if all of our work is done we can leave at 1. Someone must hate me cause I always seem to get something that needs to be done ASAP at a quarter to 1. Why couldn't they have given it to me in the morning that would have been plenty of time to complete it. But NO, instead I’m stuck here while everyone else is leaving to go enjoy the rest of this beautiful day. I am so pissed right now. Even if I were able to leave in a half hour I would have to wait until almost 3 for my train. The best part is I did what I had to do in plenty of time, but I can’t process it yet which leaves me waiting for the okay. So now I’m sitting here doing NOTHING and unable to leave. I cannot wait until I can finally go. Keep your fingers crossed that it’s soon.

I hope everyone else has a better day and a great weekend!

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Karen said...

That always seems to happen when you are trying to leave early. Have fun at the beach!