Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Falling from the sky…

Let’s talk about dreams. I have really crazy dreams. I love trying to decode what my dreams mean and how to “solve” them. I came across this article on dreams and it addresses the 7 most common types of dreams, from falling to finding yourself naked in a crowded room. Of course for me, none of these explanations really helps. My dreams are never that cut and dry. They are vivid and have extreme detail in them. Since I don’t sleep that soundly to begin with, I always seem to be able to remember my dreams because I wake up so often.

What I want to know is why in my dreams; no matter what I’m doing, they always take place in one of 2 places? Either in my old house, or in this village that my mind made up (but it always looks the same in my dream). Seriously, they are always in either one of these places. Sometimes it defers and goes some place else, but very rarely. What does that mean? Does my brain lack imagination while I’m sleeping? One time I had a dream I was on the Real World Seattle (which was one of my favorites) and while I was in Seattle on that dock, the house was still the one I used to live in.

I need to find a dreamologist, whatever they are called, and get some answers. Interestingly I did find out once that if you are going to the bathroom in your dream it meant that you are relieving stress.

Here is something funny, one time I was dreaming that I was falling, only to wake up right before I face planted into my nightstand. I almost broke my noise. Or another time I was dreaming that I was climbing a mountain, and I woke up on my floor, feet up on the bed, clutching my comforter like a rope.

Does anybody know why that happens? Why when your dreaming it can get so intense that your body acts it out? What about you? Any dreams that you wish you could make sense of??


Ashley D said...

I always have crazy dreams... I go to www.dreammoods.com to interpret them. Most of the explanations seem to make sense.

Karen said...

I have dreams that I driving an out of control car a lot. Sometimes I know I am drunk when I am driving (in the dream) and sometimes I just can't control the car. Either way, I am always worried about the police catching me.

Alexandreena said...

I don't dream very often, but when i do they're vivid and frightening and I hate it!

AY@tes said...

Growing up I used to have the strangest dreams, most of the time involving Tigers that were chasing me. They were never chasing me in the same area, sometimes it was a jungle, some times a plane, and other times it was down a highway.

I don't remember my dreams that often any more since I don't sleep that well lately, but while I was flying to Asia I dreamt that we were falling out of the sky. Right after that I woke up and we hit a sh*t load of turbulance and literally fell 20 feet.