Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Everything from A to Zinc

I know I did a list of random things about me a while ago but I am really bored at work so I am going to steal Karen’s idea for a post to do an A to Z post about myself. Hopefully this will take up some time for me.

Alzheimer’s- My grandpa had this disease. It was horrible watching him deteriorate from this and I am petrified that I will get it when I’m older.

Baltimore – I went to college outside of the city of Baltimore.

Commute – My commute to and from work each day takes about an hour and a half to two hours. That’s about 4 hours I spend each day going to and from work. It is AWFUL and it makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

Dogs – I have 2 dogs. One is really old and age has not treated him well. He is covered in warts, and lost most of his teeth. Most people are really grossed out by him now, but I still look at him like the puppy he used to be. The other is only 2 years old and is so cute but very poorly trained.

Exaggerate – I love to exaggerate. I feel it gets my point across better.

Funny – I like to think that I am a funny person. I love to tell stories and make people laugh. Some people though DO NOT get my humor.

Geoffrey – was the name of my junior prom date. He died 4 days after we went to prom. He was just a friend that I didn’t really know that well, but I still haven’t gotten over it. I did not want to go to my senior prom the following year. My friends made me go. I am thankful that they did.

Hypochondriac – When I hurt my knee for the third time (in one year) my doctor didn’t believe me. He basically told me that I would always be in pain and that I should just suck it up. I went for a second opinion and it was discovered that I had tore my Meniscus again and would need to have another surgery.

Irony – I find a lot amusement in things that are ironic.

Jewelry – I love jewelry. I have a lot of different types. I especially love antique/estate pieces. Even though I own a lot of pieces, I rarely actually wear it. I’m trying to make myself wear it more often.

Kleptomaniac – when I was an adolescent I liked to steal stuff. Nothing big, usually something small like a pack of gum, sometimes even an eye shadow. It was only for like a month and even though I was young I still feel really bad about doing it.

Love – I have never truly been in love, yet. There was some close ones, but never the real thing. I am scared of truly falling in love with a guy and then having him break my heart.

Meniscus- when I was in the 7th grade I tore my meniscus in my knee. I have since had a total of 5 surgeries on my knee and will eventually need to get my knee replaced.

Needles – I HATE needles. I am so scared of them. Oddly though I have 2 tattoos. I’m only scared of surgical needles that inject medicine into you. Because of all the surgeries I’ve had I’ve come to associate needles with all the pain that happens when you have surgery.

OCD – Sometimes I think I have OCD. Actually I think everyone has some OCD qualities to him or her. For me I am always making schedules. If I have to do something say get ready for work I plan my mornings down to the minute. Usually I do it without even realizing I’m doing it. For example, I wake up at 7 am. I get ready, put on my makeup, brush my teeth; get my shoes on, make my lunch and I’m out the door by 7:26. I hate that I do this, but if I don’t make these schedule or for some reason cannot follow it I freak out. It sounds tiring but it’s second nature to me.

Problem solving – I LOVE to problem solve. I know that sounds weird but I used to love math especially algebra because of the solving of intricate problems. If someone is in a predicament of some sort I love helping to figure it out. It’s oddly calming to me. People tend to come to me with their problems and I’m always happy to help.

Quirky – I have a very unique personality. I’ve heard many people refer to me as quirky or just flat out weird. Instead of taking offense I take it as a compliment.

Ramapo – was where I was planning on going to college. I changed my mind the last minute and went out of state. Paying out-of-state tuition and now owe a lot of money. It was worth EVERY penny.

Surgery – Including my knee surgeries I’ve had 10 different operations. Being only 24 I consider that quite an accomplishment. That’s me being Sarcastic, another characteristic of mine that many people don’t catch on to.

Therapist – My first year of college my major my plan was to become a Speech Therapist. In High school I always thought I would be a physical Therapist. I ended up going a completely different direction and graduated with a degree in Mass Communications.

Ulta – I love makeup and beauty products. Ulta is my favorite store, it mores like a haven for me. It’s like Sephora, but carries all types of brands from low end to high. I can easy spend a hundred bucks in just one trip.

Vacation – My favorite vacation I ever took was when I went to Paris by myself. I didn’t know anyone or speak of word of French and it was my best trip. It made me realize that I can do anything that I really put my mind to.

Whoa – When talking to my best friend instead of saying so much I usually say like whoa. For example, instead of saying “I miss you so much, I would say, “I miss you like whoa”. It’s something that both of us do. I can’t remember how it started but it was a few years ago and we still do it to this day.

Xenu – I CANNOT believe that a fictional book by a crazy man became a serious religion. I am convinced that Scientology is a cult and a very strange trend. Who ever heard of a church that you have to pay in order to belong? And do not get me started on the whole prescription medicine thing.

Yes – I am awful at saying No to things. If someone asks me a favor from them I almost always say yes. I feel really guilty about saying no and I don’t want to hurt their feelings. I need to learn how to say NO.

Zamboni – I’ve always wanted to drive a zamboni. I used to take figure skating lessons and one of my favorite things was watching the zamboni smooth the ice.

That is my list. It ended up taking a long time for me to do and was a lot longer than I expected, but it was defiantly fun. I hope you enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

Wow. That was quite the list! Your poor knee :( Do you listen to a lot of books on tape for your commute? I'm not sure I could handle that much time in the car every day.

Rose said...

I take the train to and from work. I was going to start buying books on CD and upload them on my IPOD but they are really expensive. I just stick to actual books. Much cheaper that way.

Rachel said...

This is a great idea.

You went to Paris by yourself? I admire that.

Karen said...

HOLY CRAP!! It was my life goal to drive a Zamboni. I did it like 7 years ago when I was dating hockey pro. Greatest thing ever.

Great list.