Monday, July 28, 2008

I want to be a teen again!

The weekend with my cousins ended up being really fun. I felt like a kid myself and acted like an idiot the whole time. I loved every minute of it! Including when the waitress thought I was a child and did a double take when I handed her my credit card to pay for the bill. I’m pretty sure she thought I was going to give her cash and stiff her with the tip. P.S. I actually gave her a large tip, because I used to work at a restaurant (hostess) and I know how stingy other people will be with tips. The good thing was only the twins came with their friend and it is a lot more easier to deal with 3 teens rather than 4. Trust me. The only bad thing was it took me over an hour to get to their house, when it should have taken only 30 minutes. It would have been longer if I would have taken the parkway, but my aunt gave me alternate directions that would have been a lot faster minus the car accident that was there! It was still faster than the other way.

Friday when I got back to my house they wanted to go swimming. Thankfully a friend of the family didn’t mind and we ended up swimming at her house at 8 at night. I cannot remember the last time I went swimming so late and just acted like a goofball. We played games, had races and handstand contests. Whereas if I was with my friends we would have just lounged in the water, with maybe the occasional race or handstand contest. I mean I played Sharks & Minnows, Marco Polo, and the movie game! It was GREAT! Afterwards we went for a drive and got ice cream at my all time favorite place, where Bruce Springsteen actually goes to get ice cream, unfortunately he wasn’t there.

Saturday we went to the beach, then to a pool, then out to lunch. They aren’t the biggest beach fans which I don’t understand, but whatever it was their day. Being out in the sun all day completely zapped out all my energy. I was so tired but I still had to get back in the car and drive them home. Thankfully my aunt must have taken pity on me and she made me her delicious homemade pizza. It was amazing and completely made up for all the driving I did. She even gave me a whole pie to take home. Too bad my brother ate almost all of it. He left me a whole 2 slices. By the time I got home, I crashed on my couch and was a zombie for the rest of the night. I am glad though that I did it and I’m pretty sure they had a great time.

Sunday was a crazy day weather wise. It was raining like crazy and we had terrible thunderstorms. Three people were struck by lighting at the beach I usually go to, and one of them actually died! There was no way I was going out in that weather, and I was very happy to just cuddle up with my dog and watch TV for the whole day. Usually I get restless after a while, but Sunday I didn’t move and it was total bliss. The weekend ended much to soon. It’s only Monday and I cannot wait for Friday again!


CC said...

sounds like you had a fun weekend!

ps, i'm glad to know i'm not the only person that has to avoid watching or change the channel when there are awkward moments on tv!

Karen said...

What a great weekend! You probably made the girls so happy. I also love times when I can be a big kid.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the weekend went well!! Sounds like fun :)