Monday, July 14, 2008

Journey to Beantown

I’ve basically been going through this day like the walking dead. I am utterly exhausted from my trip to Boston. The weekend was amazing, I only wish I had a day to recuperate from it instead of going to work. I swear when I walked outside today to the pouring rain, I was THIS close to just turning around and calling in sick. But the good worker I am I went into work and I am now counting down the hours (6 by the way) until I can crawl back in to bed.

Anyway back to the weekend. It wasn’t off to the greatest start. To save on money I decided to take the bus up to Boston. I found a good price and was on my way to Boston at 2 pm. NOTE: Do not ever leave a city on a Friday at peak rush hour times. Instead of taking the projected 4 hours to Boston, it took me almost 6. With no stops and the worst bus driver known to mankind (I’m almost puked), I was pretty cranky when I arrived. However the perfect summer night, seeing my best friend, and getting food in my belly, I was in a great mood and all set to explore the city.

Friday night we went out to a couple of bars near Fenway that was fun. There was a game that night so there was a ton of people there. They lost but everyone still seemed to be in good spirits. We were having such a good time that the bartenders basically kicked us out and refused to give us more drinks. Which was fine because I had a very long day ahead.

Saturday was spent exploring the city. I must have walked all over Boston. It is such a nice city and I didn’t really mind that fact that my feet were starting to throb after a few hours. We went to Faneuil Hall and explored all the shops around there and ate lunch at this place called Dick’s. Their whole gimmick is that they are mean to the customers, like the waiter tied a balloon into my friends hair, and refused to give me my glass of water. But it was all in good fun, and the food was delicious. Also can I just say that one of my favorite things in the world is being able to have lunch outside. I swear the food taste better and the atmosphere is so much better outside. Even better than eating lunch outside? Having afternoon drinks outside, near the water. Which is exactly what we did. We ordered a huge drink that came in a fish bowl and enjoyed ourselves nears the Boston Harbor watching the ships go by. Then we decided to partake in such activities.

We took a boat called Codzilla. It blast music, and drives all around the harbor at 40 miles per hour. Which may not seem that fast, but when you’re on a boat it feels like 90 mph. It’s this whole skit that they put on saying the harbor has a huge Cod fish that everyone tries to keep a secret but then it like “attacks you” and we have to get away. While making out get away the boat makes these really sharp turns and you end up getting wet. I should say wet, more like drenched. On the brochure it says it might happen, but we figured it would be a few drops. Nope. We were completely soaking wet, but it was totally worth it and very refreshing after walking around in the hot sun all day. However riding the T afterward was not as pleasant, especially for the other passengers.

That night we both were exhausted, and even though we had planned to go out again we were fried. So instead we just stayed in and watch some movies. Which was ended up being a blast and it was good to just catch up.

My trip had to end eventually, and I was sad to leave. I took the amazing Acela Express home and got back in no time. When I got home, a bunch of my brothers friends were home and having a bit of a BBQ so I was glad to have food waiting for me and wasn’t as sad leaving Boston because I was being entertained by some good friends. Also, hearing stories of your brother making an ass out of himself always puts me into a good mood.

It was a great weekend. I really want to try and make another trip up there while my friend is still there. I will try to post some pictures of my weekend at some point (no guarantees though). What did you do this weekend?

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like such a fun time! I'm glad you were able to get away for a bit :)

I spent my weekend with some out of town guests so kind of a reversal of your weekend. It was a good time for sure!