Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It’s hump day!

Every Wednesday I see that a lot of people post their random thoughts. Since I can’t really think one just one thing to talk about I am going to sorta do the same thing.

I am totally obsessed with watching True Life on MTV. Every time I see a new one is on or one that I haven’t’ seen I usually DVR it so I can watch it when there is nothing else on. Well last night there was nothing on so I watched one. Guess what is was called??? True Life: I’m a compulsive shopper!!!! I almost died laughing because of the post that I did that day. Then I got paranoid thinking that I could end up just like these 2 girls who owed thousands of dollars. One stole her parent’s card and maxed it out, the other never paid her bills and one day Rent-a-Center came and took all of her furniture!! Then I realized that I would never be that stupid, seriously these girls were DUMB, and I’m very good at paying all my bills on time. I usually pay them way before they are even due. I’m actually very paranoid of going into crazy debt, especially since I already owe a lot of student loans.

Speaking of shopping, I totally forgot to mention yesterday that while yes I did spend 200 dollars at Nordstrom, I ended up saving over 100 dollars. I did the math and saw that I actually got some really good quality clothes that will last at a pretty good discount.

I did something to my neck the other day and I’m in a lot of pain. I think I must have slept on it wrong because it hurts every time I try to move it. I thought it would be gone by now, it happened 3 days ago, but it’s actually worse then ever. I told my mom about it and see gave me an amazing neck massage to try and get the knot out of my neck. It felt great at the time so I thought a good nights sleep would do it and I would have no more pain today. Wrong. I woke up and not only is my neck in pain still but it has also traveled into my back. AWESOME. Not only that, I now have a HUGE bruise on my neck. I rarely ever bruise but seriously, it looks like a boyfriend beat the crap out of me. The next person who asks me what happens: I’m going to bit my lip, start to quiver and tell her that I “accidentally” fell into a door.

I think I’m losing it at work. I am no longer speaking in coherent sentences, and I’m finding ways to amuse myself. People are starting to look at me like I’m crazy. This is what happens when I start to get stir crazy. I start acting strange. Since my fellow co-workers don’t know this about me, they just try to not make any eye contact with me. But seriously I need something to do NOW, or this will get worse. I actually had to call a woman up to ask her a question and I started to talk in circles. When I realized this, I decided to start all over and actually said, “Hello this is Rose from Blah blah.” She was so confused that she started to laugh. Not just laugh, but I actually think she was crying a little bit from laughing so hard. I just told her that it’s been a long day, and then she actually thanked me for cheering up hers. Then I was actually happy at myself for making her happy, even though I made an ass out of myself. I don’t really mind when I act like this, other people do, but I just don’t care. It’s a clear sign that I need to get out of here ASAP. Maybe this weekend, I will take a big look deep down to see what my next move should be. Knowing me I will probably end up procrastinating and go to the beach. Oh well it’s worth a shot.

Another thing is I’m dying to go swimming is a POOL. I cannot believe that it’s the end of July and I haven’t been in a pool. Sure I’ve been in the ocean plenty of times, but a pool is different. I prefer it, especially now that the jellyfish have reached the Jersey Shore. Every year at this time, when the water finally gets to a temperature that is bearable to swim in they pop up. First it’s the babies, which don’t sting but you feel like your swimming in Jell-O and it really creeps me out. Then they grow up and there are tons of pink ones just waiting to sting and kill you. My biggest fear is I’m going to go to the ocean, dive into a wave, only to be hit by a jellyfish in my face! I’ve never actually been stung by one before, but I am deathly afraid of them. I need to find a pool to swim in stat, or I might go pool hopping and break into one. I’ll keep you posted.

So anything random, crazy or even rants that you need to get off your chest?


Karen said...

The jelly fish are just NASTY this year. I am going to the pool tomorrow if you want to play hooky and come with me.

thatShortChick said...

the True Life obsession? i'm with you there...i can't get enough of that show.