Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Corn Maze

This past weekend I decided to take my cousins to a corn maze. I looked up places online and found the perfect place. They had a corn maze that was 3 acres, and so complex that they gave you a map and they had a person on a watchtower looking out to make sure everyone finds their way out. I was so excited. I get my cousins on Sunday morning and we make our way to the maze. It was 11 am and I guess people chose to sleep in late that day because when we got there, we were the ONLY people there. At first I thought it might be closed, but upon further inspection we just realized that we were their first customers of the day. Which was fine by me.

I pay for the maze and learn that we get to take a hayride to the maze for free!! Sweet, I love hayrides! Because we were the only people there we got the VIP treatment. We were the only ones on the hayride, all three of us. The big huge contraption made to hold dozens of people was all to ourselves. Needless to say, I felt super cool. The hayride goes about 3 miles per hour so it took what seemed forever to get to the maze. I was getting excited about the maze and a little nervous that we would never find our way out.

Suddenly we stop. I’m confused because there is NO way that this is the corn maze. This little field that we saw on the way in, that’s behind their pumpkin patch is the Maze?? We could have walked to the entrance it was that close to where we parked. There was no need for the hayride. The guy gets off and opens the door to let us out. I hesitate because this MUST be a mistake. This is not 3 acres. Where was the watchtower? We didn’t even get any maps. No sir, keep driving to the real maze. He stands there, getting inpatient that I won’t get off. I finally concede and get off.

Even though it looks small, it will probably be really intricate with dozens of twists and turns. It doesn’t matter the size, all that matters are the paths that will make us lost. We run in, excited again. There are some turns, but not that many twists. Mostly there are forks in the maze and each route ended up in the same place. I know because we tested both. After about 5 minutes we reach the end. WTF. This was supposed to take us hours to complete!!! We decide to prolong long the end and go back in. We run around some more, scaring each other by jumping out from behind the stalks. But no matter how hard we tried to make ourselves lost we would end up at the finish line!

Defeated we decided to call it a day. We left the maze at 11:30 am. To make up for the bust that was the corn maze, I took my cousins to lunch and then went to go see High School Musical 3. It did not disappoint.


Karen said...

Corn mazes scare me. I was in one in VT for hours. I loved HS Musical 3 though. I even cried at the end.

Anonymous said...

How disappointing!

At least you still made the day fun.

AY@tes said...

There's something scarry about being in a giant maze... kind of brings out vivid memories of The Shining and getting chased by a psycho.

But atleast you made the best of the day by doing something you both enjoyed.