Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You’ve never done that?!?!

This morning on the train a woman sat next to me who had to be in her mid to late sixties. She kept on going on and on about how excited she was. I thought she was just excited about going into the city. It turns out that she has NEVER ridden a train before! How is that possible??? A woman that age and she has never been on a train! Planes I can sorta understand, but a train? Especially when you live in a town that close to the city. Most people living around here start riding the train when they are young to go to the city. Driving is a pain plus parking is expensive so most people just hope on the train. I couldn’t believe it.

She was like a little child telling everyone, including the conductor that this was her first train ride. Then she kept on talking about why no one was smiling on this glorious train. Umm maybe because we are tired, cranky, going to work and there is an idiot talking very loudly about the fucking train? She then decided to play a game with her friend to find a person getting on the train that was smiling. She didn’t find one. She was like hopped up on happy pills or something.

Either that, or I’m just so used to being a commuter that I’ve become one of those people. The cranky commuter who freaks out if they hear a cell phone vibrate. Who wants absolute silence for their ride and HATES when children are present in the train car so much that they actually move. I’m not quite there yet, but I do get upset when people are speaking loudly and/or screaming into their phones. It is nice to have a little quiet before going to work for a day filled with nonstop noise. Good thing that listening to my ipod blocks out a lot of the noise.

So tell me? What is something that you’ve never done before that something people do all the time?

Something that people always freak out about is the fact that I’ve never seen The Godfather movies. It’s something that I want to do, but I just never get around doing it. Oh and also I had never made Rice Crispy Treats until this past weekend. I was a deprived child.


CC said...

I've never seen the Godfather movies either! And I've never been out of the country. Which pains me, because I'm obsessed with traveling and am dying to go abroad. One of these days...

Karen said...

I had never taken a train until about 2 years ago. I HATE public transportation. I would go in the city all time, but drive or get car service. I don't find that too odd.

But how about people who live in our area who haven't seen the Ocean? I mean, come on!

I don't know what I have never done.....I will have to think about and get back to you.

AY@tes said...

Never taken the train? Really? Wow, We don't have a train running in Eastern Canada that doesn't carry freight since 1990 or something.

I don't know that there isn't much that I don't do... buy shoes, enjoy watching Superman movies, not seen Godfather, enjoy the heat.

Anonymous said...

I ride the train every day and I am usually not the happiest person going to work and then I'm just exhausted coming home. Pretty much everyone has that same glassy eyed look.

I've never seen The Godfather movies either. Until a few months ago, I'd never had to commute more than 15 minutes to work.