Tuesday, October 7, 2008

7 weird facts about yours truly

CC at Fork in the Road tagged me in a MEME. I am supposed to tell you all 7 weird facts about myself. I am a very strange person but for some reason it was really hard to make this list up. I guess I just didn’t want to scare you or have you think I’m really crazy. Here is what I came up with! Enjoy!

  1. I am a little OCD. Certain things have to be done a certain way or I will freak out. For instance my morning routine is pretty much timed to the minute. Also you go into a room and there are like 2 or 3 light switches right next to each other?? It drives me crazy when they are not all facing the same way. It’s weird I know.

  2. I used to wear glasses. From the age of 2 to about 12 I had to wear glasses for being cross-eyed and a little nearsighted. Then my eyes got better and I no longer need them. I now have perfect vision. Some people still think I wear contacts and don’t believe me when I tell them that it’s all-better.

  3. I’m the only person in my immediate family that has blue eyes. My mom, dad and brothers all have brown eyes. The only other person to have them is my grandpa on my dad’s side.

  4. Ferris wheels scare the crap out of me. Seriously. They go up really high, very slowly, making a sound that is not normal, and I feel like I’m just going to plummet down to my death. It is so tedious. It is torture. However, I have gone Sky Diving, Bungee jumping and basically every roller coaster at Great Adventure, but the damn Ferris Wheel freaks me out.

  5. While other little kids dreamed of being a teacher, astronaut, president…. I dreamt of being a waitress. That was one of my favorite games to play. I put on an apron, roller skates (because I worked at a 50s diner), and a little pad and used to pretend to be a waitress. When people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would tell them that. My only saving grace? My brothers wanted to become a garbage man so they could ride on the back of the truck. Apparently my family likes to keep expectations low.

  6. I have what people call hitchhiker thumbs. They stick out at a 90-degree angle and my thumb is bent backward instead of just being straight. Since I can’t really explain it I am posting the picture. That’s not my hand, but that’s basically how it looks. Whenever I had to get a physical they always marked hands as “abnormal”.

  7. I don’t know how you would classify this but it isn’t normal so this could be my last weird thing. For whatever reason I have met quite a few celebrities. Most while I was in England doing an internship, some I live near, and the other was just random. I have met: Mini Driver (internship), Christian Slater (internship), Bruce Springsteen (live near), Bon Jovi (live near), Nicolas Cage (random), Hugh Dancy (internship), Wentworth Miller (internship), Maury Povich and Connie Chung (live near). Now to be fair, the people that I live near I have never actually spoken to. There are even more famous people that live near me, I didn’t put the ones I haven’t seen up here, but we tend to leave them all alone. Either way it’s still pretty cool.

Now I’m supposed to tag people but I figured if you like this idea then you should go for it! If you do, let me know so I can see it!


AY@tes said...

Every one can be a little OCD, now the people who take it to an extreme can be amusing if you put them in the same room as someone who is the complete opposite. I wish I met some famous people, or atleast seen one. The closest I've come is seeing one of the people who's in the Trailer Park Boys, many years before he was in the show.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm jealous of all of the famous people you've met! That must've been quite the internship.

AY@tes said...

I did one.