Monday, October 13, 2008

A walk in the park

This weekend was so beautiful that I decided instead of just walking my dog around my neighborhood I would take him to the park nearby. It was so pretty with all the leaves changing color and everyone out with their families and loved ones. I, being an idiot, didn’t think to bring my camera. Oh well. If I go next weekend you better believe I will have my camera. Anyway. A few things that I noticed about my dog:

He is very afraid of small dogs. He’s only 10 pounds and little dogs freak him out. Oh he’ll bark and act like he’s not afraid but as soon as the dog comes close he’ll try and run away or jump into my arms.

Even though he is afraid of small dogs, he is not afraid of large dogs. One of the biggest dogs I have ever seen came up to him and he was FINE. Better then fine. He didn’t try to run or cry. Instead he walked right up to him and sniffed his butt. A true sign that he wasn’t afraid. So why in the world is this 10-pound dog afraid of little dogs, but not a dog whose head was the size of his body?

My dog cannot just walk straight. He is all over the place. He zig-zags, jumps and runs around me. It’s hard to keep the leash in check and make sure that I don’t get tangled in it.

He also skips. Seriously. When people notice it, they think he is limping and hurt. But he is actually skipping. It is the cutest thing. I need to buy a video camera so I can record it.

Lastly, even though my dog isn’t very well trained and barely listens to me, when we are out in public he behaves really well. A little boy came over to pet him and my dog actually sat down and let the boy come over to him. Usually he would just jump up on the boy, or run away depending on his mood, but he just sat and acted so well.

Other than my dog walking adventure, my weekend was pretty laid back. Visited with some friends, caught up on some movies and just relaxed. It was very nice, even if it was a little boring at times.


Mind Body Shop said...

Fortify yourself with contentment, for this is an impregnable fortress.

Anonymous said...

We have a 14 lb. dog who thinks he's a big dog.

I've never heard of a dog skipping. That sounds super cute!

AY@tes said...

Our dog is wierd like that too. He can't walk in a straight line, he's constantly living up to his dream of being a garbage collector by trying to eat absolutely any piece of garbage he can come across.

I went out with him to take pictures of the leaves up here, but I couldn't find anything nicer than what was in our yard, everywhere I went had only a single colour. Yellow, orange or red. None of them together. (And yes I put a U in colour.)

Fergus actually only has ever met 2 small dogs and he's driven them absolutley ape shit. (I'll write about that today) His best friend is a 50lb Australian Cattle Dog. (Our dog is 9.5lbs and the size of his head)