Monday, October 20, 2008

It’s official

I am obsessed with my new hair! I went to the salon and hairstylist and I discussed what I wanted to do with my hair. I told her that I always wanted to go red, but I was to scared of it not looking good. First, she tried to push highlights on me. NO thanks. It’s too much upkeep and I prefer my hair darker. We finally settled on this dark brown with red cooper undertones in it. It looks so nice. It compliments my skin color, and makes my eyes looker really blue. It is a lot redder then we were expecting but it worked out better. People keep on complementing it, saying that it is perfect for the fall weather. She also cut off a lot of dead ends so it looks much healthier now. I don’t usually talk about myself this way, but I am obsessed.

Also this weekend, my friend and I went out to a bar. This guy and a couple of her friends came out with us. The guy, who I will call RM, is someone my friend is kind of interested in but doesn’t know what the deal is with him. In comes me because she knows I can read people well and plus that’s what best friends are for: to give their honest opinion of a potential boy.

The main reason why she wanted me to meet him is/was because she thinks he’s gay. Here are the reasons why she thinks this. 1. He likes to go to gay clubs. 2. He once made out with a guy in high school. 3. Is metro-sexual, way into his looks and designer label obsessed.

On the other hand, he has had a bunch of girlfriends and recently broke up with a girl he had been dating for a year and a half. Also she asked him point blank, if he was gay or at least Bi and he told her no and if he was he would tell her.

Back to Friday night. I meet him and I really don’t think he is gay. I do however think he is a huge tool and I cannot believe she likes him. I really wanted to like him because her I hated her past boyfriend and it defiantly caused a bit of a strain for a while between us. Needless to say, I was right and they did eventually break up for good. But this guy, she has even less in common with him then her last boyfriend. She basically even told me that if there were other guys around right now that she could possibly date she wouldn’t even be considering RM, but because there’s not, she is just going out with him.

I think this is horrible. She is settling for a guy that she has nothing in common and to be honest I don’t think he is even really interested in her. He always texts her, and NEVER calls. By the way I hate people who only text. They have been on 2 official dates and he has barely showed any actual interest in her, AKA did not try to kiss or even touch her in the way guys do (grazing an arm, pushing away hair, “accidentally” bumping into each other) when they are into someone. The only time he has shown a lot of interest was when we went out and we met up with a bunch of our guy friends. He probably got jealous at all the attention and was extra attentive with her. Oh and they’re second date was prompted the day after we all went out.

So what do you think? Is he into her and just shy? Gay? Or just not that interested?

Also, have you ever dated a guy just because you had no other options?


AY@tes said...

Why does it always seem like I'm first?

First, I think you should change the wording of your question so its not so guy centric.

Second, its healthy to think nicely of yourself especially having something done that makes you feel good.

Lastly, (Should stop using those cause they're annoying me) I have dated someone just because they were there back when I was in High School. There really wasn't much between us other than the fact that we liked the same movie and watched it all the time. I think it was one of those "well, we might as well date" relationships.

I don't think he's gay, maybe he was a little curious. (I know tonnes of girls who make out with other girls to get attention from the guys and are the furthest from being gay. Though guys like that sort of thing where most girls aren't that turned on by it.) Lots of guys are starting to take pride in themselves, I was watching the news last year when they mentioned that the cosmetics market in North America for men was just about equal to that of women.

Karen said...

I want to see your hair cut!! I don't buy the shy excuse. I seem to follow the rule "He's just not that into you". Thanks for doing the ChaCha!

CC said...

At the very least, bi. No straight guy I know would EVER kiss a guy and then tell people about it.

Regardless, he sounds like an ginormous A-hole and your friend is MUCH better off w/o him. No need to date someone just cause "he's around". Waste of time and potential emotions.

Just my opinion though!. Your new hair sounds cute!

adventure grrl said...

I think he is probably um, not straight. The bigger issue is why your friend is with him. Sometimes women want to be with a guy soooo bad, they run from the red flags. But this is a huge red flag. The biggest part is she doesn't seem willing to listen when you have a clear read on bad guys. I would just try and be there for her because it will end at some point.

Anonymous said...

Photo of the hair please? :)

I agree with the others that no matter what this guy identifies as, your friend should not be dating him. I tend to be kind of down on one of my friend's boyfriends to the point where she doesn't even tell me about them until they've been dating for a while but they almost always turn out to be the biggest jerks EVER! Sometimes, despite the strain it causes the friendship, you have to stand up and say the guy is a jerk and a waste of her time.