Thursday, October 9, 2008

I love lists

  • Things got much better after Monday
  • I am convinced I was somehow drugged because I was really really out of it. Like I didn’t know how I got home out of it.
  • So excited that the Office is back on tonight!!
  • Can’t wait for the weekend. It will be the first weekend were I can actually sleep in for a change.
  • Thinking about dying my hair red.
  • I’m to chicken and I’ll probably just go auburn.
  • Either way it will be a big change. The sun really lighted up my hair this summer.
  • My brother wants to get married on a little island in Florida. I hope he does. It is so beautiful there!
  • I still cannot believe he is getting married.
  • I just realized that I get paid 3 times this month!!! I am really excited.
  • This post may be more random then the one I left on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Yay for getting paid! That always makes my work week a little better :)

AY@tes said...

Getting paid 3x is great, and you just reminded me that I do too!

Alexandreena said...

Oh. Payday...2 more days away for me. And so many bills to pay and shoes I've been eyeing in stores. Tough choices ahead.